We welcome stories about Marine Phytoplankton.

If you have experiences with using Marine Phytoplankton we would appreciate you take some time to submit your findings so others can learn from it. tell use about your results, how much you used in which form (Capsules or powder) for how long have you been taking Marine Phytoplankton. where did you buy and how much did you pay. Why did you start using Stories

Mariska Linebank
” Since I started taking Phyto4Life Omega 3, within 1 week I got rid of a terrible cold I was having for more than 2 months. Also my kidneys were extremely sensitive and hurting and now they feel filled and strong again. I have more energy throughout the day, feeling less pre menstrual, little wounds heal quicker. I even notice I sleep easier and restfully all night long.

For me Phyto4Life Omega 3 Marine Phytoplankton ( like a super immune booster.” 


Aurora Dapolito Spain

Marine phytoplankton has worked amazingly good for me. My friend recommended it to me last year and I have been taking it since there. At that time, the capsules were not available so I first started taking marine phytoplankton in powder by mixing it with orange juice every morning instead of coffee (it looked very strange because of the green color but the taste was okay). The effects on me were completely different: during the first week I felt I was being detoxed and had this sensation of being full (like if would have eaten a lot). I changed my eating habits during the first week, just felt I did not have to eat a lot anymore. During the second week I started to get more things done, felt more focussed and at that time I was going to school and was working part time; it helped a lot during this tough time for me. During the past year I only got a cold that lasted one day and was not even that bad like previous years!  I have recommended this unique and powerful product to my family and friends and they are amazed with the results. Its does not only help you immediately but it helps you to prevent other things to happen. I have not taken any aspirin within the last year and thats a record! Thank you so much Green Growth Nutri for putting this wonderful product out there in the market.  

Gijs Starre

I started taking Marine Phytoplankton 3 years ago as a healthy person. I have done lots of reseach on MP. I use it in both capsules and powder (i even like the powder better because of the marine taste). I mix the powder with water. Mostly it will have clusters which I chew.

when I feel great i only take 500 mg per day. when I feel stressed or sick I take more up to 2 grams per day. My disconverts mostly become a bit worse for couple of hours and than go away. These are things like a cold, being very tired and streesed, not foceesd, worried, infections on my knees and other muscle infections.. I have deep sleeps than, after 2-3 days its gone.

I use Mp every day and still I notice improvements in many things, I probably write some more later. if you have questions email me at

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