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Marine Phytoplankton in Comparison to Other Algae

Some other types of Algae that you are likely to see on websites also selling Marine Phytoplankton include Spirulina and Chlorella. Even if those sites do not sell these other products, they are always in comparison of plankton being that they are all types of algae. With that being said, it is wise for us to go over and compare the differences between them, which happen to be significant.

Marine Phytoplankton is truthfully in a class of its own. That is because not only does it have its nutritional structure that is especially unique, but it also contains some components that other algae’s do not have: One of those being something called chlorophyll. In short, chlorophyll is used in the transportation of plant nutrients. It basically delivers the required elements that every single plant needs to grow, and does so moving it properly throughout the entire plant. It is this molecule that is highly associated with photosynthesis. To refresh your memory, photosynthesis takes light, carbon dioxide, along with minerals, and results in the plants ability in the creation of oxygen. This alone, sets it aside from the other algae. 

 All the benefits of Marine Plankton still are not yet all uncovered. We know it can help in the treatment of cancer, cleanses the blood, helps to balance deficiencies, and increases oxygen levels within the human body. It does so because it contains elements that can do all of these things versus the other algae out there.

For example, it has Iodine which is essential when it comes to fight against cancer. It is this nutrient that can regulate ones thyroid gland. As it regulates the thyroid, it impacts one’s metabolism rate because of the thyroxine it produces. Thyroxine assists in the body and its ability to absorb oxygen, which then burns glucose to create energy. Although it may seem a bit confusing, all you need to know is that this process is not as effective when someone isn’t receiving proper levels of Iodine. Bad cells can begin to form, which ultimately duplicate and can cause cancer. Just like Iodine, Marine Plankton also has Potassium which is also effective in the treatment of cancer.

In short, Marine Plankton has a lot of benefits that the other supplements do not have. When it comes to manufacturers selling the product, the best ones will offer this product alone because that is simply all you need. If you would like to observe what all elements of Marine Plankton do, go view our Make-up of Marine Phytoplankton posts one through three. Spirulina and Chlorella simply cannot offer all that Marine Plankton can! Not only with Iodine and Potassium, but with several other elements.

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