Gesundheit offers a product that is marketed as being grown by the leading biologists and scientists within the field on marine phytoplankton. Within their website you have the ability to read about the technology they use to create the ideal Marine Phytoplankton product. They claim over 20 years of research has been done in the development of their field.

Their product is commercially grown, contamination free, states it is the highest of quality, and has accomplished this by its method of growing and then freeze drying the Marine Phytoplankton. The freeze drying method removes the water from the product yet still allows the product to conserve its structure of cells. Once rehydrated, quality and nutrients supposedly stays the same.  They then seal vacuum the packaging.

The products they offer include a 50g, 100g, and a 250g bag of freeze dries Pure Marine Phytoplankton. They also sell the product in the form of capsules which contains 500 mg each, and 60 capsules per bottle. It does not appear that they sell the liquid form of their product unlike other competitors. As for price, the 50g bag costs $94.00, the 100g bag costs $169.00, and the 250g bag costs $395.00. For one bottle of what they refer to as Veggie Capsules, it will cost you $69.99 per bottle. The more bottles you purchase, the more you will save. For three bottles it costs $199.95 ($66.95 per bottle), and lastly, six bottle will cost a total of $389.95 or $64.99 per bottle.


The Gesundheit website offers useful information. While visiting their home page you will see towards the bottom left, a box that is market as Gesundheit Technical Data. The two documents include a Document Certificate of Analysis and something called a Document ORAC. The Document of Certificate of Analysis details the make-up of the product, while the Document ORAC is a report of the product put together by Vince Ziccarelli whom is a Dietician. Both of these documents are beneficial because they support the positive claims that Gesundheit makes about their products. Another benefit is that their contact information is easily assessable to consumers. You can place your orders by phone or online. Lastly, another advantage is that Gesundheit sells this product wholesale for both the capsule and powder form.


The product is not offered in liquid form which some consumers may not like. Another drawback is the price of the products being a bit high. Gesundheit does not appear to offer any sort of a refund according to their website, however by calling their toll free phone number and asking about refund policies, they may or may not. Some competitors will offer money back for unopened products.


While it is beneficial that their website consists of various information about the technology Gesundheit uses, in a simple online search for reviews of the product there doesn’t appear to be reviews or testimonials. While they do include in their website various videos of several people who have had positive outcomes from the product, outside of the that, reviews cannot be found.

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