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Here is a link to Marine Phytoplankton sellers on Amazon.

Pay Attention!

Liquid marine phytoplankton can be a single strain (sunfood) and are very expensive compared to sellers of powder single strains. The single strain is nannochloropsis gaditana.

And a mix of Algae like Umac Core

Marine phytoplankton 5000 has completly changed to a different strain of algae… You couldn’t really call this marine phytoplankton any more. MP5000 used to market the marine phytoplankton coq9, not any more.

And notice the price differences between the powders and capsules.

Pay attention to for instance the capsules of UMAC core, they are a mix of algae, Mr. Ros and Phyto4life sell single strain high quality nannochloropsis gaditana at a very very good and low price.

Amazon Marine Phytoplankton sellers …..

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Paying WAY too Much for Sunfood Ocean’s Alive!!!

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Comparison (Sunfood) Ocean’s Alive

Liquid Marine Phytoplankton.

Content bottle 1 Oz (28 gram) 30 servings. 1 Serving is 1 teaspoon

On the Nutritional facts label it says 350 mg of Nannochloropsis Gaditana powder. This is a single strain algae.

We take Mr. Ros & Phyto4life  100% Nannochloropsis gaditana Powder to compare (there are some more like Pure Healing Foods)

Per serving 350 mg times 30 servings is 10.50 gram Powder of marine phytoplankton nannochloropsis gaditana.

Price of 1 bottle $35.

Price per gram marine phytoplankton nannochloropsis gaditana: $35/10.50 gram = $ 3.30.

Price per gram Phyto4life Mr. Ros marine phytoplankton nannochloropsis gaditana.

$79,95 / 100 grams = $0.80 per gram

Difference $3.30 -/- $0.80 = $2.50 Total per 10.50 grams $26.25!!!

You can make your own liquid by mixing Marine Phytoplankton Powder with water. It probably tastes even better. If you open a bottle of liquid, bacteria gets in quickly, powder stays fresh and healthier even after opening.

Tip : Mix 3 grams of marine phytoplankton with Hot or Cold Soy or Almond Milk, really Nice!!!

Mr. Ros & Phyto4life

New Website Green Growth

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Green Growth has updated their website. Green Growth will announce a partnership with the best marine phytoplankton nannochloropsis producer soon. This will make the market much more transparent, higher stable quality and lower prices.

Green Growth Website


Celebrity Fitness Expert Supports Revolutionary New Health Supplement

Beverly Hills, California (PRWEB) July 13, 2014

Celebrity fitness trainer and former World Super Middleweight Champion Danny Musico has formed a promotional partnership with Aqua Health Labs for their flagship product PhytOriginal, a revolutionary plant based Omega-3 EPA supplement. The collaboration was recently announced live on ESPN Radio.

Musico is a celebrity fitness trainer, actor, model, and a two time World Super Middleweight Champion. As Hollywood’s go-to trainer for A-List celebrities, he has prepared stars including Demi Moore, Hilary Swank and Mark Walhberg for physically demanding movie roles. His personal and professional interest in optimizing health through strategic training and natural nutrition led him to the Chicago based company, whose mission is to provide the substantial health and pain relief benefits of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid, an essential fatty acid) without the devastating environmental impact of extracting oil from processed fish and krill.

The only live marine phytoplankton supplement on the market, PhytOriginal cuts out the biological middle man by using the only natural source of EPA: the microscopic plants themselves. This provides customers a higher quality, sustainable EPA supplement with an intact nutritional profile and no risk of exposure to the toxic pollutants that accumulate in ocean fish, such as mercury, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) and dioxins. Aqua Health Labs CEO Jordan Markuson said, “We’re thrilled that Danny shares our healthier, environmentally responsible vision for the future of Omega-3 supplementation.”

There is abundant scientific evidence demonstrating the health benefits of essential fatty acids, including improved cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol and reduced joint pain. These advantages are well understood by Musico, who lives with chronic joint pain typical of lifelong boxers. His constant pain was compounded after being near-fatally struck by a car, resulting in a grueling 18 month recovery during which doctors were astonished that he overcame their predictions he would not walk again. After just a few months of taking PhytOriginal daily, he was thrilled at the dramatic reduction in joint pain, and recently tweeted “My body hasn’t felt this great in years thanks to PhytOriginal.” He now recommends it when providing nutritional guidance to his fitness clients to help them with their long term wellness goals and to minimize their discomfort during routine recovery from intense training sessions.

Those interested in making the switch from fish oil to phytoplankton to support cardiovascular health, enhance workout recovery and relieve joint pain can learn more at

Corporate Summary
Jordan Markuson
Aqua Health Labs

Danny Musico & PhytOriginal

Danny Musico & PhytOriginal

Sustainable Alternative EPA Supplement Targets Billion Dollar Fish Oil Market

Aqua Health Labs, a Chicago based nutritional supplement company, is taking direct aim at the Omega-3 essential fatty acid (EFA) supplement market currently dominated by processed fish oils. Launched in late 2013, the company’s flagship product PhytOriginal is the only EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid, an essential fatty acid) supplement on the market today containing live marine phytoplankton.

Abundant scientific evidence demonstrates the health benefits of essential fatty acids, including improved cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol and reduced joint pain. The American Heart Association recommends meeting our need for EFA by eating a 3.5 oz serving of fatty fish at least twice a week, which while preferable from a nutrition standpoint is for many people not a practical or affordable option. Additionally, individuals with coronary artery disease or high triglycerides may not be able to get enough EFA through diet alone. The solution is EFA supplementation, traditionally in the form of fish oil products, on which Americans spent $1.2 billion in 2013.

The problem is that fish oil supplements are a heavily processed product using live animals sourced from depleted global fisheries. And in addition to beneficial EFAs, these fish also concentrate toxic pollutants including mercury, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) and dioxins in their bodies.

Aqua Health Lab’s mission is to provide consumers with a higher quality, environmentally sustainable source of EPA. Scientists have long understood that fish get EPA from their diet of tiny ocean plants called phytoplankton, which make it naturally. Obtaining the essential nutrients humans need from the original source was the next logical step, one recognized by Aqua Health Labs founder and CEO Jordan Markuson, who says “It makes good economic and environmental sense to cut out the biological middle man.”

While clearly a pioneer, Markuson is not alone in this thinking, as evidenced by other supplement companies also exploring phytoplankton as an alternative to fish oil. However, he points out that these firms are not providing a live, fresh product with an intact nutritional profile. Current competitors include shelf stable phytoplankton liquid supplements (a live phytoplankton product must be refrigerated), and at least one company is processing plankton into oil for pills; as with fish oil, processing results in nutrient degradation.

“PhytOriginal is not just an alternative to fish oil, it’s really an upgrade for the entire industry,” said Markuson. “Its nutrients are intact because the plants are still alive. They are cultivated in a sterile growth chamber, so there’s no exposure to pollution. Choosing a plant based supplement reduces the carbon footprint of the entire industry, decreases pressure on overfished oceans and reduces bycatch of endangered species.” And, it’s worth noting, consuming fresh plants in their natural state eliminates the problem of unpleasant gastrointestinal side effects many individuals experience due to difficulties with digestion of concentrated fish oil.

Consumers interested in making the switch from fish oil to phytoplankton can visit to learn more.


Jordan Markuson

Aqua Health Labs



Why Live Phytoplankton is Superior

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We have grown up being told that fresh vegetables are always the best – But why?  Frozen vegetables lose many of their nutrients, just like marine phytoplankton.  It is important to understand what happens to phytoplankton cells when they are frozen or dried.  Aqua Health Labs believes in providing the highest quality product and is the only source of live phytoplankton sold on the market.  Many companies claim to have live algae cells but it’s important to learn the basic living conditions they need in order to survive.  Without the basics, like refrigeration and the correct salinity level, it is impossible to keep the cells from dying.

What is Required for Marine Phytoplankton to Stay Alive?

  • Live phytoplankton must be kept refrigerated at all times to slow its metabolic rate so they can survive in the finite nutrient conditions within the bottle. Similar to keeping yogurt or milk cold so the bacteria stays alive
  • Live phytoplankton will always be in its natural liquid form
  • Live phytoplankton will only survive in very specific salt water conditions
  • There must be dissolved CO2 in the solution as a carbon source to promote photosynthesis

What happens when it is left at room temperature?

  • The metabolic rate increases making the cells seek out high levels of nutrients, essentially killing itself through starvation
  • Cells start dying within 48 hours and will become brown and decay
  • As decomposition takes place nitrogen, phosphorous and CO2 all rise dramatically
  • The ph will decrease causing the solution to become acidic
  • Beneficial nutrients decompose to their basic organic form – EPA, DHA, and all the Omega-3 essential fatty acids are no longer existent

Why Does Freeze Drying Not Work?

  • Freeze drying prevents decomposition, but kills the phytoplankton
  • Cells are mostly made from water, freezing them causes ice to form and rupture the cell
  • All of the beneficial compounds found in the cell are broken down into basic organic compounds, losing all benefits for taking phytoplankton.
  • When phytoplankton dies it releases everything it has absorbed (all omega-3 nutrients) back into the water column.
  • The nutrient filled water is removed by the manufacturer to reduce shipping costs.

Many manufacturers claim they can provide the same benefits as a living algae culture, but this is scientifically impossible.  Basic cellular biology discredits these claims that are used to mislead customers.   Aqua Health Labs live phytoplankton is the only known supplier of LIVING phytoplankton sold on the market.  Shipped and stored cold to ensure you receive all of the nutrients phytoplankton offers.  Just like your vegetables, fresh is always best!

The variation in the colour of Marine Phytoplankton

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Green Growth’s Marine Phytoplankton Nannochloropsis strain produces the highest percentage of the EPA fatty acid of any Nannochloropsis offered commercially today. .Green Growth has listened to all their customer requests regarding how they value quality in Marine Phytoplankton and the most requested comment to that the “EPA content” is the most import attribute they are looking for.

One of the particular things about Marine Phytoplankton and also this strain, is that it follows a general rule. The higher the EPA % content in the strain, the less the content of chlorophyll (green in colour) in the strain. As the product colour becomes more olive, this correlates with the biomass being a different shade of Green, moving into a more olive colour.
Green Growth has supplied a chart to show the correlation between all their recent batches of Marine Phytoplankton they have produced. You can see the ratio of each batch of Chlorophyll (green colour) and EPA, which determines the colour variation between a range of Green to Olive colour of the product.

Overview % – Car./ Chl. and EPA in batches

Chlorophyll Carotenoids EPA Colour
4,14 1,29 2,84 Green
3,72 1,08 4,84 Olive
3,24 0,97 1,85 green
2,5 0,89 3,78 Olive/green
3,24 0,97 7,6 Olive
2,95 1,19 8,15 Olive

Summary of the this analysis
The more olive ( and less green ) Marine Phytoplankton Nannochloropsis biomass is, the higher the most valued EPA nutritional component is in the biomass. A bright green product does not mean the best quality nutritional product. In fact the more olive the product looks, the better the nutritional quality is. 


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